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A floating turbidity barrier consists of geotextile material (curtain) which floats on the top, weighted on the bottom, and an anchorage system that minimizes the sediment transport from a disturbed area that is adjacent to or within a body of water. The barrier provides sedimentation and turbidity protection for a watercourse for up-slope land-disturbance activities where conventional erosion and sediment controls cannot be used or need supplemental sediment control, or from dredging or filling operations within a watercourse. The practice can be used in non-tidal and tidal watercourses where intrusion into the watercourse by construction activities has been permitted and subsequent sediment movement is unavoidable.

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Fast deployment fence booms are the right choice to contain oil spills if you are limited by space or manpower.

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Finding leads and projects to bid on is critical in the construction world. The type of project determines the places to do the research. The main source for government projects are government websites listed at the different levels: Federal, State, County and City. For private sector projects, you can use a bid lead service, check …

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Definition   Floating turbidity barriers (a.k.a. silt curtains, silt boom, sediment curtain) are a temporary in-water sediment barrier consisting of a continuous geotextile fabric curtain suspended from a flotation device on the water surface and held in a vertical position by ballast weight at the bottom.   Purpose   To provide erosion and sediment control …

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One of the key tools and methods of containing an oil spill is with the use of floating booms. The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) produced a very good video that explains the basics of that method. We encourage responders and other stake holders to watch it here: As a manufacturer of oil containment …

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Enviro-USA strives to provide tools and resources for Florida Construction Contractors so they can find out about the latest marine construction projects in the State and get a chance to bid and eventually increase revenue. One of the best resources is the Florida Department of Transportation. Below is a list of tools and links to …

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Type 1 (or Type I as referred to in Florida, Connecticut and Mississippi) turbidity barriers are designed for calm water applications. Following the steps below will ensure proper installation and longevity of the product.

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The purpose of a turbidity curtain is to provide sediment containment while construction activities are occurring in or directly adjacent to a waterway or waterbody. Marine construction companies must be aware of applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, regulations, or permit requirements governing the use and placement of silt curtains. A good resource is each …

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