Enviro USA’s Floating Turbidity / Silt Curtains consists of DOT compliant type 1, 2 & 3 (light, medium & heavy duty) floating turbidity curtains, permeable and non-permeable curtains, dredging barriers, baffles and ditch barriers. We also carry accessories such as anchor systems, tow bridles and marker lights. We comply with all your state DOT Floating Turbidity Curtain requirements and always have guaranteed lowest price inventory in stock.

Find out which system is best for your project with Enviro-USA’s silt curtain selection checklist. It is as easy as answering a few questions for your particular application. You will get a quick turnaround, recommendations and a cost estimate.

Alternatively, you can browse our different types of turbidity barrier types and select from the pictures below the body of water that resembles the one that you’ll be working on. If you still need help please call us at (321) 222-9551 and our experienced personnel will assist you.

Floating Turbidity Barriers

Manufactured by Enviro-USA in Cocoa, FL:

economy-turbidity-cur-smEconomy Type 1 Silt Curtains

type-1-turbidity-smType 1 DOT Light Duty Calm Water

type-2-turbidity-barrier-smType 2 DOT Medium Duty Moving Water

type-3-turbidity-curtain-smType 3 DOT Heavy Duty Tidal Waters

anchor systemsAnchor Systems

dewatering-bags-wmDewatering Bags