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Proudly made in the USA

CALL US AT: +1 (321) 222 9551

Proudly made in the USA

Accessories for each and every Enviro-USA product

Characteristics and Options

Enviro-USA’s accessories include small, medium, and large Tow Bridles to tow the barriers in place, 25, 40, and 65 lb. anchor systems to hold the barriers in place, Marker Lights to identify the barrier location, and Piling & Boom Separators to protect your barriers from abrasion. We guarantee the best accessory prices while providing a quality product. Our products meet DOT requirements as well as OPA 90, US Coast Guard – OSRO, and ASTM guidelines.

ENVIRO-USA - Water Anchor Systems

Water Anchor Systems

Are ideal for keeping a Turbidity Barrier or an Oil Containment boom in place while surrounding the work site. Available with 25, 40 or 60 lb. anchors. Includes: Anchor, 8′ of leader chain, 60′ of line, marker buoy and 6′ painter line. Completely assembled for easy of deployment and very easy to clip on to Silt Curtain or Oil Boom.

ENVIRO-USA - Land Anchor Systems

Land Anchor Systems

Complete compliant systems for anchoring/securing a floating turbidity barrier or oil containment boom to land. Silt curtains are commonly required around marine construction work areas & 95% of the time they need to be secured/anchored to a river bank, beach or just on land. We provide a complete solution for this anchoring application.

ENVIRO-USA - Floating Marker Lights

Floating Marker Lights

Enviro-USA’s Floating Marker Light assemblies are most commonly used to indicate caution and location of Turbidity Curtains around work areas in marine construction jobsites. Very commonly used around oil spills indicating location of oil containment boom. Our Floating Marker lights use a Day/Night sensor that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

ENVIRO-USA - Floating Tow Bridle

Floating Tow Bridle

Floating Tow Bridles connect to the end of Turbidity Curtains or Oil Booms and are used to tow the product around the work area while getting it in place. Tow Bridles are also commonly used to secure turbidity curtains or oil booms to river banks, the edge of a pond and/or shorelines. Tow Bridles protect and prolong the life of turbidity curtains by evenly distributing the tow load across the connector.

ENVIRO-USA - Boom Separators

Boom Separators

Boom Separators are designed to keep oil containment boom away from ship hulls or seawalls when the tide changes. If a spill occurs on the deck of a ship and flows overboard the boom may not contain it due to its proximity to the ship. Boom Separators keep the containment boom in place, so that in case of an oil spill it will contain it as it’s supposed to.

ENVIRO-USA - Boom Repair Kit

Boom Repair Kit

Enviro-USA’s Boom Repair Kits are the most complete in the industry as they have just about everything that you could need to repair an oil containment boom, turbidity silt curtain, seaweed barrier and permanent booms, in your installed application. We prepare it for you according to your current situation, or you can customize it to fit your current needs. At Enviro-USA we guarantee the best solution for you.

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