Enviro-USA now offers: Consulting, Designing, Drawing up Plans and Supervising Installations, for turbidity curtain and oil spill containment projects, including civil engineering & marine construction projects that require silt, sediment, PCB or contaminants contained before or during a marine construction project.

Regardless of the size of your project or the application, our experienced personnel can assist with questions, consulting, designing of standard or special products, or simply recommending the best installation for maximum containment.

These services are being offered to:

  • Contractors
  • DOT’s (Departments of Transportation)
  • Engineering firms
  • Purchasing agents
  • Estimators


Regardless of whether your engineering firm has been hired to design a complete project, you’re a state DOT agency needing to update your silt control requirements, or you are a contractor getting ready to purchase and install a Floating Turbidity Curtain, we have the experience and knowledge on how to best contain silt, sediment, PCB’s or contaminants while on your project. We normally assist with selecting the appropriate product to comply with your requirements, recommending the best installation or writing the product specifications for your application. Our experience consists of over 40+ years of personal experience.

Overview of Services

Services on containing silt, sediment, PCB’s and contaminants on civil engineering or marine construction projects.


This service consists of consulting with customers, either by phone, e-mail, drawings or in person at a job site, to determine the best system or installation for their application.