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Different Types of Inflatable Oil Containment Booms and Barriers

by | Nov 14, 2015 | Education

Containment and recovery of oil spills is a major operation that involves a large number of equipment that includes booms, barriers, skimmers, temporary storage tanks, and much more. There are various types of booms to suit different environments such as unprotected and protected ports, shorelines, offshore, and open sea. These booms are designed to comply with OPA-90, US Coast Guard and ASTM F1523 boom guidelines.

Inflatable oil containment boom for protected and unprotected ports

32 inch or 813mm containment booms that feature a freeboard and draft are ideal for use in unprotected ports. They are lightweight and can be easily operated with the help of a hydraulic reel that allows for quick deployment. These booms can be used in ports and are designed to comply with manufacturing standards and US Coast Guard & ASTM F1523 boom guidelines. On the other hand, 24″ (610 mm) inflatable oil containment booms are designed for instant deployment during oil spills in protected ports. They are highly recommended by Port Authorities and feature 8″ air chambers with 2″ fin above the chambers for extra protection and to prevent splash over due to extreme wind and water conditions. These booms are lightweight and can be deployed in as little as 13 minutes. They offer high buoyancy to weight ratio that enhances its ability to adapt to waves.

Oil containment booms for offshore applications

Offshore oil spills need immediate attention with the deployment of 46″ (1.17m) booms are the ideal alternative that allow for instant deployment. There are also a variety of other sizes to suit different operating conditions. Each type is made from advanced construction techniques and heavy duty materials to withstand extreme weather conditions. They also feature a freeboard and draft with 2″ fin above air chambers, ballast chains, and ASTM connectors. While they are available in 50 and 100 feet sections they also can be customized up to a length of 100 feet. Each section can be easily and quickly connected for rapid deployment.

Oil Containment Booms for shoreline applications

Shorelines are among the most important areas to be protected in the event of an oil spill. There are several types of booms specifically designed for shoreline applications. The 38″ inflatable oil containment boom is among the most suited for this type of environment. It features a 14″ Freeboard & 21″ Draft with heavy duty fabric. In addition to being lightweight, they are also complaint with specific OSRO and ASTM F1523 Guidelines.

Oil Containment Booms for open sea and accessories

Combating oil spills in the open sea is one of the toughest tasks for any cleanup operation team. Larger 52″ inflatable oil containment booms are perfectly suited for these types of applications. They feature a 21″ Freeboard & 28″ Draft and also come with 2″ fin above air chambers, ballast chains and ASTM connectors, making them ideal for use in choppy water and windy conditions. There is also a range of floating towable bladders that serve as temporary storage of oil. They can be towed filled or empty and in water and can be used on land to transport recovered oil as well. Other accessories integral to oil containment operations include repair kits, anchor systems, marker lights, tow bridles and boom separators to keep booms away from vessels or seawall.