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DOT Type 3 Turbidity Curtain – Heavy Duty for Tidal Waters

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    General Characteristics and Applications

    What is a DOT Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity Curtain and who is it for?

    Enviro-USA’s Type 3 Floating Turbidity Curtains are for containing silt and controlling turbidity in TIDAL applications where wind, current, and tide changes require a heavy duty, dual cable barrier.

    Our Floating Turbidity Barriers are used to control and contain silt and sediment within an immediate work area, thereby preventing it from migrating outside of the work or dredging area and affecting marine life. Floating Turbidity Barriers protect our waters, marine life, and environment.

    Who uses it?

    Type 3 DOT Heavy Duty / Tidal Water Floating Turbidity Barriers are used by contractors while working at shoreline and in ports. Normally required and used by contractors or dredging companies during any marine construction project that is in a tidal application.

    When and where should this product be used?

    The Type 3 model is recommended when compliance with United States DOT floating turbidity curtain requirements is a must and where the marine construction project happens in tidal water application. The heavy-duty design and construction help the barrier withstand the daily tidal forces.


    Where are DOT Type 3 Heavy Duty Turbidity Curtains used?

    • Harbors
    • Ports
    • Shoreline
    • Offshore


    Floating Turbidity Curtains are available as Permeable or Impermeable, in 50 ft. and 100 ft. sections. The DEPTH is available as required by project and can be as deep as 50 ft. Numerous sections can easily and quickly be connected together. Enviro-USA manufactures Floating Turbidity Curtains in accordance and in compliance with United States DOT and project requirements.


    Important Notes:

    • A permeable skirt is important if there is the need to allow some water to flow through while containing silt, sediment, or turbidity.
    • Float size is determined by skirt depth and or your job requirements.

    For a product sheet for this particular barrier, please fill out our contact form and we will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for trusting Enviro-USA American Manufacturer!

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    TYPE 1 DOT – Light Duty / Calm Water

    These Floating Turbidity Curtains are ideal for contractors needing to comply with DOT Type 1 silt control requirements. They are most often used by contractors building bridges or working in Ponds, Lakes, Canals and Waterways with light wind or current. We stock 3 & 5 ft skirt depth in 50 & 100′ sections and we can manufacture to specific requirements.

    ENVIRO-USA - Accessories for Turbidity Curtain and Silt Barriers

    Turbidity / Silt Curtain Accessories

    Enviro-USA’s accessories include: Repair Kits, 22 & 40 lb anchor systems, Small, Medium and Large Tow Bridles, Marker Lights, 2″, 3″ & 4″ Hose Floats and Piling & Boom Separators to protect your Turbidity Curtain or Silt Barrier from abrasion, therefore guaranteeing the lowest accessory prices while providing a quality product.

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