The fence boom with reel system is the right choice if you are limited by space and or manpower. It deploys much faster than any other boom due to its design.– 1,000 ft (300m) can be deployed from a reel in 8-10 minutes. It complies with OPA-90, US Coast Guard – OSRO and ASTM F1523 boom guidelines. It works great for emergency response in Marinas and Ports. Available in a great range of fabrics and sizes.

BOOM SELECTION is as easy as selecting from the pictures below the body of water that resembles the one that you’ll be working on. You may also choose by the product name (example: a 10″ Calm Water boom works great for calm water applications and an 19″ Marina boom works great for marinas. If you still need help please call us at +1-321-222-9553 and our experienced personnel will assist you.

Fast Deployment Oil Containment Fence Booms

Manufactured by Enviro-USA in Cape Canaveral, Florida USA:


calm-water-oil-containment-boom-sm16" Fast Deployment Fence BoomCalm water6"10"Not included
rough-river-standard-oil-containment-boom-small17" Fast Deployment Fence BoomMarina7"10"Included
marina-port-oil-containment-boom-small19" Fast Deployment Fence BoomResponders7"12"Included
unprotected-port-oil-spill-boom-small25" Fast Deployment Fence BoomPorts & Bays9"16"Included
coastline-standard-oil-containment-boom-sm30" Fast Deployment Fence BoomCoastlines10"20"Included
coastline-standard-oil-containment-boom-sm36" Fast Deployment Fence BoomOffshore12"24"Included


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Custom Sizes

Enviro-USA’s oil containment booms can be custom made depending on the application and the customer’s specifications. For a quick and free quote on oil containment booms, simply click on the button below and submit the form.