What is a Fuel Transfer Boom and who is for?


Enviro-USA’s Fuel Transfer Oil Booms are perfect for containing any fuel spill that may occur while fueling large vessels, cruise ships, and/or boats. This product is commonly used by US Coast Guard for everyday fueling operations. They are normally used in pairs, one on either side of the fueling hose.  They can be used between 2 vessels as shown above or between vessel and seawall.  They are inexpensive, light weight, practical and a one person operation for all fueling operations. Mostly used by US Coast Guard & contractors responsible for fueling operations on cruise ships, boats and vessels.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Enviro-USA’s Fuel Transfer Oil Booms offer the highest freeboard in the industry. This is important if you are dealing with a lot of water activity due to boat traffic, windy conditions or choppy water. Freeboard is the part of the boom that is above the waterline and is responsible for containing any spill.


Where are Fuel Transfer Booms used? Here are the most common uses:

  • Fueling large vessels
  • Fueling cruise ships
  • Fueling any other vessel


Enviro-USA’s Fuel Transfer Oil Booms are available in:

  • 8’, 10’ and 12 ft lengths (longer lengths available upon request)
  • Light Duty for infrequent deployments
  • Heavy Duty for frequent deployments 


Installation: is as easy as throwing it in the water and it will spring open to between 2 vessels or vessel and seawall.

Compliant with:

This boom complies with the following Guidelines, Requirements and/or standards:

  • ASTM F 1523: Calm Water – Current
  • US Coast Guard – OSRO: River/Canal
  • OPA 90: River/Canal

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As a manufacturer having spent a lot of time in this industry and being very familiar with oil spills and government requirements for different applications, we strive to manufacture a quality product, appropriate for the calm water applications, while keeping cost down to a minimum.

Guaranteed lowest pricing, large inventory, excellent service

These are just a few of the reasons to use Enviro USA as your dedicated supplier for Fuel Transfer Booms. Contact us now to speak with one of our friendly and experienced staff.

Enviro-USA Guarantees its Quality and the Lowest Price in the USA“.









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