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CALL US AT: +1 (321) 222 9551

Proudly made in the USA

How to Select a Floating Seaweed Barrier

General Characteristics and Applications

How to Select a Seaweed Barrier?

Enviro-USA’s seaweed (sargassum) barriers are designed for beach resorts and hotels, to prevent seaweed from coming onto the beach. When installed properly, our barriers will keep seaweed away from the beach allowing the tide and currents to take it back out to sea.

Our barriers can also be used to redirect the seaweed to a collection point for removal. These 2 options will restore 85% to 100% of your beach.

Applications Criteria Guide

Medium Duty should be used in areas where there is light to medium wind, currents, and/or tide changes. It’s a good product for use in protected beaches, waterways, bays, and ports.

Heavy Duty provides 49” of protection preventing seaweed (Sargassum) from coming onto the beach. Enviro-USA’s Seaweed Barrier was designed to help the sargassum continue to drift, while being redirected back out to sea, without causing it any harm. The idea was never to trap it, but to help it move along and our barriers do that. Designed for beachfront resorts and hotels to keep their beaches clean and free of seaweed.

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