Enviro-USA’s Oil Only Polypropylene Absorbent PADS are oleophillic (attract oil) and hydrophobic (repel water). Can be used indoors or outdoors on land or water and are designed to absorb large amounts of oil quickly and retain it while repelling water. Enviro-USA’s pads use long fibers which in return gives our pads higher tensile strength, more durability, and greater absorption than our competitors’ standard meltblown pads.

“Most Popular”

Our most popular pad is the EAP10007M – This pad is 15” x 18” x 1/4” Medium Weight, 100/bale. It’s the most popular because it a medium weight which means that it will work on small or large spills and will also work on light or heavy oils. A pallet carries 40 bales.

Oil only pads are ideal for refineries, ports, marinas, fire departments, tool rooms, industrial applications, around old machinery, ship engine rooms, boat decks, piers, walkways, auto shops and of course oil spills. Great for final recovery of oil residual from a spill in any body of water.


Available in the following sizes and weights:


Part # Description Dimensions Count/Bale Bales/Pallet
EAP13009H Oil Only Heavy Weight Pad 30” x 40” x 3/8” 50/Bale 10/Pallet
EAP10009H Oil Only Heavy Weight Pad 15” x 18” x 3/8” 100/Bale 30/Pallet
EAP10007M Oil Only Medium Weight Pad 15” x 18” x 1/4” 100/Bale 40/Pallet
AEP10005L Oil Only Light Weight Pad 15” x 18” x 3/16” 100/Bale 50/Pallet
EAP14005L Oil Only Light Weight Pad 15” x 18” x 3/16” 200/Bale 30/Pallet



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As a manufacturer having spent a lot of time in this industry and being very familiar with oil spills and government requirements for different applications, we strive to manufacture a quality product, appropriate for the calm water applications, while keeping cost down to a minimum.

Guaranteed lowest pricing, large inventory, excellent service

These are just a few of the reasons to use Enviro-USA as your dedicated supplier for Oil Absorbent Pads. Contact us now to speak with one of our friendly and experienced staff.


Enviro-USA Guarantees its Quality and the Lowest Price in the USA“.


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