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Proudly made in the USA

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Proudly made in the USA

Permanent Boom

General Characteristics, Applications, and Sizes

Enviro-USA’s Permanent Containment Boom (also known as Hardboom or Permanent Boom) was designed for permanent installations or frequent deployments. In permanent installations it’s put in place to protect sensitive areas that could be extremely difficult or costly to clean up. In frequent deployments it’s normally used in ports to surround vessels that are loading or offloading any kind of hydrocarbon or fuel numerous times per week. It can be left in the water and deployed around vessels on a daily basis without affecting the product.

THERMOELECTRIC POWER PLANTS: Our booms are also installed on thermoelectric power plants to prevent trash, debris, branches and/or ice from reaching the turbines.

Our Permanent Boom is tough in that it has high impact and tear resistance, great tensile strength, is durable and has UV & marine growth resistance. It requires very little or no maintenance at all even when left in the water for months and it will provide many years of usage.

ENVIRO-USA - Permanent Booms


Our Permanent Boom is typically used to contain or divert:

• Oil, fuels, or any hydrocarbon base liquid
• Trash
• Debris
• Branches
• Ice


Permanent Boom floats are completely enclosed and are made of a High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) creating a hard shell that allows it to resist impacts. The floats are filled with polyurethane foam and they are orange in color providing great visibility. The fabric is heavy duty (175 oz./yd2) PVC black belting.

The ballast can be steel plates or galvanized chain. We use ASTM Universal Heavy Duty marine grade aluminum connectors with stainless steel bolts, nuts & toggle pins and every connector comes with a handle and anchor point.

Enviro-USA’s Permanent Boom is also great for containing or diverting trash, debris, branches, ice or anything coming down a river or floating in a port.

– Boom Selection –

ENVIRO-USA - 18" Permanent Oil Boom
  • Application: Marinas & Inland Waterway
  • Freeboard: 8″
  • Draft: 10″
  • Tensile Strength: 27,000 lbs.
ENVIRO-USA - 24" Permanent Oil Boom
  • Application: Ports & Bays
  • Freeboard: 10″
  • Draft: 14″
  • Tensile Strength: 36,000 lbs.
ENVIRO-USA - 36" Permanent Oil Boom
  • Application: Ports & Terminals
  • Freeboard: 12″
  • Draft: 24″
  • Tensile Strength: 54,000 lbs.

Accessories for your Permanent Booms

ENVIRO-USA - Accessories for Oil Containment Booms

Permanent Booms Accessories

Enviro-USA’s accessories include small, medium, and large Tow Bridles to tow the barriers in place, 22, 40, and 65 lb. anchor systems to hold the permanent booms in place, Marker Lights to identify the barrier location, and Piling & Boom Separators to protect your permanent boom from abrasion. We guarantee the best accessory prices while providing a quality product.

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