Enviro-USA’s Trash, Debris or Seaweed barriers are perfect for containing & diverting trash and debris in rivers, waterways, marinas, ports and coastal applications. They are also used to keep seaweed from coming onto private beaches at residences, resorts & hotels. Available in light duty or heavy duty for long term deployments. When installed properly they will deflect the trash/debris to a specific area to allow for easy removal. “ENVIRO-USA Manufacturers a Quality Product while Guaranteeing the Lowest Price”

Specialty Booms & Tanks

Manufactured by Enviro-USA in Cocoa, FL:

19-debris-barrierSeaweed Booms

27-debris-barrierTrash & Debris Booms


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Enviro-USA is pleased to help its contractor clients in the marine construction industry select the right specialty boom and/or tank solution for a particular application. Please use the form below to let us know your needs and get an cost estimate.

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