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Tools and Resources for Florida Construction Contractors

by | Jan 15, 2016 | Recent News

Enviro-USA strives to provide tools and resources for Florida Construction Contractors so they can find out about the latest marine construction projects in the State and get a chance to bid and eventually increase revenue.

One of the best resources is the Florida Department of Transportation. Below is a list of tools and links to help construction companies.

Surveying & Mapping

Maps, surveys and construction work go hand in hand. The FDOT website has a large collection of maps sorted by county. Maps can be downloaded as .dgn files or .pdf files.

If you are looking for a professional surveyor with license, you may use the Florida Department of Agriculture surveyor directory. Simply select your county and LS-Surveyor and Mapper from the Program drop-down list.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photos can be very useful for construction projects. The A+PLUS system of the FDOT is a good tool.

Active Construction Project Leads

The Florida Department Of Transportation (FDOT) website has an interactive map of active construction projects. Similar to a regular Google map, it can be zoomed in and out to locate regional projects within the State. Projects are marked on the map and can be clicked on for additional information, such as the start and end dates, budget, vendor, etc. The website also features current construction projects but also has a section for future projects, which can be sorted by County and a great resource for contractors to learn about future business opportunities. For road specific projects, the FDOT website has a section dedicated to major projects on Florida’s Highways.

Pre-Bid Q&A

Submitting a bid can be complicated. This link will direct you to FAQ section and give contractors and bidders a chance to ask a question for clarification before submitting a bid.

How to Bid on a Construction Project in FL

Pre-qualification is required for construction contracts over $250,000. The New Bidders Orientation PDF explains how to go through pre-qualification and how to submit a contract proposal through the processing online ordering system.

Florida Plans & Studies

Among other things, FDOT conducts studies on various transportation and construction related activities for the State’s future. This section is useful for people looking for information on where the State is heading in terms of transportation and construction projects.

State Agencies

The Office of Construction within the FDOT is located in Tallahassee and can be reached at 850-414-4150. This division sets policy and procedure for construction contract administration. There is a handy staff directory, which can be  great resource of information and knowledge for contractors who may have questions.


FDOT has substantial training resources, including videos, a construction training manual, safety courses, etc.

Enviro-USA aims to be an active participant in the training of floating turbidity curtains for road and marine construction companies. We can explain requirements, specifications and installation to any contractor interested in knowing more. Simply contact Enviro-USA with your needs.

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