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Turbidity Curtains for Disney Springs Project

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Our Products, Recent Projects, Videos

What is Disney Springs?

Formerly known as Downtown Disney Orlando and now officially called Disney Springs, this complex is a shopping and entertainment destination located at Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida. It features an amazing mix of retail stores, restaurants and entertainment options such as Cirque du Soleil, a Movie Theater, concerts, a bowling alley, etc. To learn more, please visit the Disney Spring official website.

What was the project about and how did Enviro-USA get involved?

Disney wanted to add a small bridge called the “Village Causeway” to shorten the distance between The LEGO Store and Rainforest Café across the water. Enviro-USA delivered the turbidity barriers to the contractors in 2014 and the Village Causeway actually opened in February 2015.

What were the project challenges and how did Enviro-USA meet them?

Impact on the environment

Construction work in water creates turbidity, which can greatly affect marine life. Enviro-USA’s design challenge was to create a system that would contain the silt and sediment within the immediate work area for the Village Causeway construction. That system consisted of a mix of Type I and Type II floating turbidity barriers with different skirt depth, anchor systems and accessories such as floating marker lights to ensure visibility. To ensure full containment, the system was actually a double or triple curtain design in some areas as some of the above image’s show.


The construction of the floating curtains had to be durable to last up to 24 months. The Disney Springs Lake calm / moving water conditions called for a combination of Type I and Type II with 18 oz. and 22 oz. fabric curtains.

Production lead time

When the orders were placed, Enviro-USA put a lot of effort into meeting the required delivery dates and was able to meet the deadlines and deliver products on time.

How many contractors were involved?

Due to the scale and complexity of this Disney project, several contractors were involved in the acquisition of Enviro-USA’s turbidity curtains. Some are distributors and some were end-users:

  • ED Waters & Sons –Type I Floating Turbidity Barrier with 5 foot and 10 foot skirt depth and anchor systems.
  • Blue Iron –Type II Floating Turbidity Barrier with 10 foot skirt depth. Absorbent oil booms and floating marker lights were also purchased.
  • Don Facciobene – Type II Floating Turbidity Barrier with 8 foot skirt depth and floating marker lights.
  • Erosion Control of Central Florida – Several floating marker lights were purchased and installed to ensure the small vessels would be able to see the turbidity barriers when navigating on the lake.

What was so good for Enviro-USA about this particular project?

Anytime a manufacturer and contractors have a chance to be involved with a Disney project is a great opportunity and a testament of their professionalism. Enviro-USA was proud and delighted to be involved with the Village Causeway project at Disney Springs.

Disney Springs Turbidity Barriers Video

Project Details

CLIENT: Disney Springs Orlando



Project location: Downtown Disney

Village Causeway Construction

Orlando, FL

Product type: Turbidity Curtain

Type I & II