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Proudly made in the USA

CALL US AT: +1 (321) 222 9551

Proudly made in the USA

Floating Anchor Systems or Water Anchor Systems

General Characteristics and Applications

What are Water Anchor Systems and who are they for?

Floating curtains and barriers are used to contain silt and sediment in marine construction in water applications regardless of water conditions, whether calm, moving or tidal, as well as oil and other type of debris depending on the particular application they’re been used.

However, in those bodies of water that are subject to currents, tide changes, windy conditions, choppy water, boats or recreational activities, Anchor Systems are added in order to allow the boom to stay in place. Typically, anchors are a requirement for any Type 2 or Type 3 Moving Water Silt Curtain.

Enviro-USA’s Anchor Systems are completely assembled and ready to be deployed. Attaching the anchor system to the Turbidity Curtain is as easy as clipping it on. Anchor Systems are in stock and we can ship them with your turbidity curtain.

ENVIRO-USA - Water Anchor Systems for Turbidity Curtain, Seaweed Barrier, Silt Curtains, Oil Containment Boom and Permanent Boom


Enviro-USA’s Water Anchoring Systems include the following components:

  • 1 each – 22, 40 or 60 lb. Danforth Type Anchor
  • 8′ of 3/8″ leader chain
  • 60′ of 5/8″ nylon rope
  • 12″ heavy duty marker buoy
  • 6′ of 5/8″ painter line


As a manufacturer having spent a lot of time in this industry and being very familiar with different water conditions such as calm, moving and tidal waters, in different applications and constructions scenarios, we strive to manufacture a quality product, while keeping cost down to a minimum.

For a product sheet for this particular accessory, please fill out our contact form and we will contact you within 24 hours. Thank you for trusting Enviro-USA American Manufacturer!

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Other turbidity barrier products that may work for your project

ENVIRO-USA - Land Anchor Systems

Land Anchor Systems

Complete compliant systems for anchoring/securing a floating turbidity barrier or oil containment boom to land. Silt curtains are commonly required around marine construction work areas and 95% of the time they need to be secured/anchored to a river bank, beach or just on land. We provide a complete solution for this anchoring application.

ENVIRO-USA - Floating Marker Lights

Floating Marker Lights

Enviro-USA’s Floating Marker Light assemblies are most commonly used to indicate caution and location of Turbidity Curtains around work areas in marine construction jobsites. Very commonly used around oil spills indicating location of oil containment boom. Our Floating Marker lights use a Day/Night sensor that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn.

ENVIRO-USA - Floating Tow Bridle

Floating Tow Bridle

Floating Tow Bridles connect to the end of Turbidity Curtains or Oil Booms and are used to tow the product around the work area while getting it in place. Tow Bridles are also commonly used to secure turbidity curtains or oil booms to river banks, the edge of a pond and/or shorelines. Tow Bridles protect and prolong the life of turbidity curtains by evenly distributing the tow load across the connector.

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